Truck and Warehouse
Tracking & Monitoring

Ensure the protection and security of your entire fleet and assets.

Because your valuables are strategic assets which, in today's world, are more and more subject to increased risks of theft, loss or damage, our solution locates and provide the condition of your assets all over the world.

The consequences of thefts or losses in business are far from negligible: business interruption with a negative impact on turnover, loss of work tools, dissatisfied customers ...




Connected Items

Diginav ensures the installation of sensors on all your valuables. Discreet, reliable and with an autonomy of 10 years, these beacons-trackers secure your fleet.

Efficient: whether your objects are lost, stolen or damaged, indoors or outdoors, once connected, they remain visible on a geolocation platform around the world.

''a cost-effective Internet of Things solutions that can be easily implemented anywhere.''