Welcome to the Diginav IOTSU® VARMA Indoor Air Quality Service!

The Diginav IOTSU® VARMA service collects real-time indoor air quality data to ensure healthy living conditions




IOTSU® devices are ready-to-use and wireless, allowing you to maintain the ideal indoor condition

IOTSU® Indoor Air Quality solutions enable reliable and cost-effective monitoring for business owners. Keeping track of indoor air quality shows responsibility and care to the people who use the facility. The need to monitor air quality is also relevant to ensure good work efficiency in the workplace. IOTSU® makes monitoring simple and maintenance-free. The user receives notifications from the system if something is wrong and can take early action to correct the situation.



DIMENSIONS:                                                               (LxWxH): 63 x 114 x 30 mm

WEIGHT:                                                                        117g with battery

SENSORS:                                                                     CO₂, Temperature, Humidity

TRANSMISSION CYCLE:                                             2h, adjustable

CONNECTIVITY:                                                           LoRaWAN

BATTERY:                                                                      3.6V, lifetime with default                                                                                              settings 5 years, replaceable

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IOTSU® cloud is an easy to use interface for monitoring your devices. Web-based cloud platforms offer intuitive tools to access the data collected. Email or SMS notifications and personalized reports are also possible to quickly notify the user if something needs their attention.

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