Smart Cities

We understand that IoT is a complex subject facing our cities. Therefore, we keep it simple

The Internet of Things for communities is first and foremost a means of improving the quality of certain services. Many infrastructures are today based on networks of sensors which provide useful information for monitoring services, such as road salting, mobility, air quality, household waste collection and much more. These connected infrastructures are a key element in the development of smart cities.




Use of the Internet of Things in Cities


Optimization and savings: the operation of buildings, parking, intelligent lighting, remote surveillance for controlling incivility, waste collection, can be optimized thanks to connectivity.

Decision support and policy evaluation: the communities inform citizens about air quality, both inside and outside buildings, for 'assessment of noise pollution, for the economy of water resources, or the assessment and regulation of road traffic.

Service to citizens: this aspect of the IoT is still underdeveloped. Open data platforms are one of the tools that improve the information for users, but the data is often raw and poorly suited for use by residents.

Smart grids: which optimize production, distribution and consumption to adapt supply to demand for electricity. These networks can apply to buildings or infrastructure.

Intelligent infrastructures for the autonomous vehicle: The 5th generation road must integrate the circulation of autonomous vehicles, via appropriate instrumentation, which makes it possible to analyze the data transmitted and received by vehicles and infrastructures in real-time.


 We will look at all the connectivity aspects, ''what connectivity and what type of network to choose according to your need?'' - optical fibre, cellular technology, LPWAN, Wifi, NFC, RFID or even the 5G network.


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